Life Wellness Center

If you are also a lover of our ancestors, our culture and the magnificent places of Cusco, Life is for you. From the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we seek the balance between mental, physical and emotional well-being. Drop everything and connect with the earth, water and fire that you will find in Life. 

Discover the Sacred Valley in a different way!




We complement your experience by incorporating a system that combines the three pillars.

We offer you charming spaces that will make you travel in the past of the Incas, enjoy the present in our magical corners and wish for the future through the art exhibited in each dimension of the hotel.

Magical corners

We invite you to breathe the Inca culture 

Come relax, have fun and of course recharge your energies so that you continue enjoying the magical city of the Incas

¡Vive Life!